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Pile Handling & Driving Equipment

Pile Hammer

A Hydraulic hammer is used for driving main piles, skirt piles & conductors during installation of offshore platform.

Technical specifications of Hammer are as follows,

  • Type : MHU 800S Hydraulic Hammer
  • Operation : Above & Underwater Operation
  • Hammer Foot : 84”
  • Pile Range : 48”- 84”
  • Max energy above water : 820kJ
  • Avg. Operating Pressure : 250bar
  • Blow Rate at 800kJ : 38bl/min
  • Max Blow rate : 100bl/min
  • Hammer Weight : 79.6t
  • Hammer Length : 13m
Pile Hammer
Pile Hammer

Internal Lifting Tool (ILT)

ILT is used during installation of offshore platforms, for lifting of piles sections and conductor sections. This tool eliminates the need for lifting pad eyes and reduces time taken for rigging, lifting, de-rigging and removal of pad eyes.

The ILT system on board LTS3000 include
ILT 60’’X96’’ -1200t/500t (2no.s) Power Pack for ILT- 5.5 KW

Internal Lifting Tool (ILT)
Internal Lifting Tool (ILT)